What Awaits You at EVENTI 2021?

Less than two weeks are left before EVENTI 2021 in Dubai

What Awaits You at EVENTI 2021?

We lift the veil of secrecy and share the details of what awaits you at the celebration of the 7th anniversary of the company and the MLCI business.

The celebration will begin with an elegant red carpet and a press wall, next to which you will be able to take iconic photos, and from 12:00 each participant will have a rich festive and educational program, many unforgettable moments and emotions, as well as a number of events and meetings:

  • we will celebrate our common achievements and successes together;
  • find out the details of the company's development and its plans for the next few years;
  • you will discover new topics for leadership development, transformation and building a successful MLCI business;
  • hear the secrets of success and insights from the Top-leaders of the company, as well as development strategies by region;
  • be the first to know the composition of the new Evorich Leadership Councils.

EVENTI 2021 will feature Leaders who have shown incredible growth and the result of working with the team.

All Evorich ecosystem leaders who have achieved the greatest success will receive a signature certificate, as well as silver and gold badges inlaid with diamonds!

Real luxury!

Would you like to receive a well-deserved award personally from the hands of Andrey Khovratov and representatives of the Strategic Department? You still have time to improve your results, raise your status and receive such a valuable well-deserved reward!

If you want to energize yourself and your team for success - take the chance now. There are only a few tickets left.

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