We Announce the Cryptounit Blockchain Producer Competition
The competition is valid until 10 February 2022

We Announce the Cryptounit Blockchain Producer Competition

The Cryptounit blockchain was created on the basis of the EOS program code and took over all of its main advantages:

  • no transaction fees;
  • ability to process millions of transactions per second;
  • using the original DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) consensus algorithm.

One of the features of the DPoS algorithm is the division of network participants into block producers and voters. That is, unlike the PoS algorithm, not all ordinary coin holders can participate in the creation of blocks. In order to ensure high quality and stable operation of the blockchain, ensure block throughput and increase the value of the network in various ways, block validators in the Cryptounit network (block producers) are needed.

21 validators participate in the creation of new blocks on the Cryptounit network, each of them receiving a reward in UNTB tokens. Anyone who understands what the EOS blockchain is, has sufficient technical capacity to maintain the smooth operation of the node, is able to develop software products and the community around the project can become one.

In this regard, we are announcing the Cryptounit blockchain block producer competition!

To become a block producer, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Freeze 1 000 000 CRU for the duration of the vote. This puts your account on the list of candidates.
  2. Vote for your account with the amount of CRU tokens equivalent to $10 000.
    Get a total number of votes of 10 000 000 CRU from 1 000 or more participants.

The competition is valid until February 10, 2022. The deadline to become a candidate is January 31st. At the end of the competition, the voting results will be summed up and the winners announced.

When submitting an application, each candidate must leave as much useful data about themselves as possible - type of activity, experience in the blockchain industry, link to a website, etc. In this way, voters will be able to familiarize themselves with the competence and experience of candidates and choose who to vote for.

Applications are accepted on the Cryptounit blockchain website in the "Producer" section.

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