Stable Coin

USDU stable coin

The USDU stable coin is the equivalent of the US dollar

USDU Main Usage

Each USDU coin is backed by the US dollar, positioned in custodian bank or by USDC coin (a cryptocurrency with a stable price), positioned in custodian escrow firm. This token is used for payments of bonuses on different loyalty programs and for dividends.

USDU Specifications

  • Name and Ticker: CRYPTOUNIT (USDU)
  • Precision 2 decimal places
  • Free-token of network
  • Number of tokens: no pre-mined emission, quantity will demand on its backing by fiat dollars or by USDC.
  • Smart contract to create and burn tokens
  • When transferring the USDU token, there is no commission, but it is necessary to keep some amount of UNTB tokens to have RAM, CPU, NET of blockchain.

A stablecoin is a new class of cryptocurrencies that attempt to offer price stability and are backed by a reserve asset. Stablecoins have gained ground in an effort to offer the best of both worlds: instant processing and the security or privacy of payments and the volatility-free stable valuations of fiat currencies.

Stablecoins anchor their market value to some external reference. They can be pegged to a currency such as the US dollar like our USDU, or the price of a commodity such as gold.

Stablecoins achieve price stability through collateralization or through algorithmic mechanisms for buying and selling the reference asset or its derivatives.


The USDU stable coin, unlike the regular US dollar, doesn’t require a bank account and it doesn’t require that you live in a particular geography. You can trade it on the UnitEx exchange - the world's leading digital assets platform providing a seamless experience for users. With its minimalistic design, the trading is easy and convenient for beginners and professional traders. One-click is all it takes.

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