Utility Token

UNTB Utility token

UNTB stands for Unit Token of Blockchain

The token has an initial price of 0.01 USD and is used in navigating the Cryptounit ecosystem. All users are expected to have a minimum of 10 UNTB in their crypto wallets  (blockchain).

UNTB Application Areas

  • Access to the CPU+NET of the blockchain
  • WCRU staking reward
  • Buying blockchain RAM


  • Free-accessing network token. Can move freely between blockchain accounts
  • Number of tokens: 8 123 456 789 tokens
  • Accuracy: 4 decimal place (0.0001)
  • When transferring the token, there is no commission, but it is necessary to keep some amount of UNTB tokens to have RAM, CPU, NET of blockchain.
  • UNTB emission ends in March 2030

UNTB in Crypto Wallet (Blockchain)

They can be used to buy/sell RAM of the blockchain, sent P2P (to another person), or can be transferred to our UnitEx exchange to be sold/exchanged. 

UNTB on UnitEx Exchange

Here the UNTB can be exchanged first for USDU and USDT.

USDU (stable coin) is the equivalent of the US dollar. Each USDU coin is backed by the US dollar, positioned in custodian bank or by USDC coin, positioned in custodian escrow firm.

On the UnitEx exchange the USDU is then sold in pairs with BTC, ETH, EOS or FIAT currency (USD, EURO) which can be withdrawn to external crypto wallets, or to the Global Unit Pay payment system (registered with the Swiss Companies Register in Switzerland), which makes part of the Evorich ecosystem.

UnitEx Exchange Features

  • Reliable storage: They have the best technical and security team that develops cold and hot wallets. Customer’s funds are stored in custodian wallets
  • Lower Exchange Fees: UnitEx One provides trading facilities in a very low price and market maker fees are also low in amount
  • Universal trade: UnitEx One maintains a positional trade and the trade on the market. And also they have staking tokens on the blockchain to generate revenue under the Proof-of-Stake concession
  • High speed data flow: The UnitEx One exchange is built on micro services and deployed on a Kubernetes cluster, that makes high-speed operations possible
  • Secured Wallet: Designed to deposit and withdraw 20 coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins (and other most popular altcoins)
  • Reliable Security Solutions: Provides 2 step verification to authenticate users and protect them from
  • Users around the world: Traders from more than 130 countries can join UnitEx and get access to a full range of services

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