UNITEX Registration is Open!

UNITEX Registration is Open!

Dear Evorich ecosystem partners!

We announce that registration on the UNITEX exchange is open from 20 March 2021!

How to Register

Step 1: Go to UNITEX exchange.

Step 2: Create a username. When creating your own login on the exchange, do not use your UGPay Group Personal account/Academy of Private Investor Personal account/Evorich Personal account login (in case you are signed up with these), but use the same e-mail address! The login must consist of letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers. For example: Gnom777, Star014, 5Anna5.

Step 3: After successful registration, you will receive an email containing a link confirming the activation of your account on the exchange. Follow this link and complete the registration.

Step 4: Then follows the KYC (Know Your Customer) Verification. The verification level increases your deposit/withdrawal limits.

Step 5: Finally, make a deposit and start trading. You can buy cryptocurrencies with your credit card or SEPA/SWIFT payment.

UnitEx Exchange Features:

  • Reliable storage: They have the best technical and security team that develops cold and hot wallets. Customer’s funds are stored in custodian wallets
  • Universal trade: UnitEx maintains a positional trade and the trade on the market. And also they have staking tokens on the blockchain to generate revenue under the Proof-of-Stake concession
  • Users around the world: Traders from more than 130 countries can join UnitEx and get access to a full range of services
  • High speed data flow: The UnitEx exchange is built on micro services and deployed on a Kubernetes cluster, that makes high-speed operations possible
  • Secured Wallet: Designed to deposit and withdraw 20 coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins (and other most popular altcoins)
  • Reliable Security Solutions: Provides 2 step verification to authenticate users and protect them from
  • Depth & Candle charts: Convenient charts and candles help traders to navigate the market quickly and make successful deals
  • Lower Exchange Fees: UnitEx provides trading facilities in a very low price and market maker fees are also low in amount

The trading platform is registered in Estonia according to strict Estonian financial regulations and has obtained a Virtual Currency Service Provider license from the Financial Intelligence Unit. The license covers exchange operation of crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto, as well as cryptocurrency wallet management.

UNITEX Exchange, the world's leading digital assets platform, aims to provide a seamless experience for users. Here is where you will buy/sell our CRUUNTB, soon WCRU, and other established cryptocurrencies and fiat money (USD, EUR).

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