UNITEX Important Information About Account Verification

UnitEx Important Information About Account Verification

We inform you that verification on the UNITEX Exchange through GlobalPass will not start! The reason is commercial inexpediency. Let's take a closer look at why this decision was made:

GlobalPass is a company that provides verification services. Each passport verification costs 1.5 EUR. Thus, if 30 000 people register on the exchange and are verified through GlobalPass, then the exchange will have to pay 45 000 for all partners.

But, due to the lack of trading, UnitEx does not have its own income and cannot independently perform manual verification (due to the European rules for personal data), so it was decided that the best way for partners would be to go through verification through the GlobalUnitPay payment system, where they can order MasterCard cards for their personal use.

Global Unit Pay is a payment system (similar to PayPal, ADVcash, PerfectMoney, etc.), where you will be able to register starting on December 07, 2020. After a partner registers, passes verification and orders a card, their account data will automatically be transferred to the UnitEx exchange.

There are 4 types of cards in total:

  1. Virtual card with a limit of transactions up to 5000 EUR per month - cost 7 EUR.
  2. Standard card with a limit of transactions up to 5000 EUR per month - cost 50 EUR.
  3. High Limit Gold Card - cost 250 EUR.
  4. Unlimited Platinum card (VIP) - cost EUR 500.

In order to understand which cards will be a priority for partners and in what quantity they should be ordered from MasterCard, please leave your vote by filling out the form.


It is not necessary to apply for a GlobalUnitPay bank card, but without it, you can only top up your account on the exchange through BTC, ETH or USDC. Thus, even if you do not want to order a GlobalUnitPay bank card, but go through verification there, your data will be automatically transferred to the UnitEx exchange, which will allow the exchange to save a large amount of funds on verification.

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