UnitEx Announces the Start of Trading!

On 20 March 2021, a significant event for all Evorich ecosystem partners took place - trading on the UnitEx exchange commenced!

You can top up your account on the exchange in two ways:

  • Via a bank card
  • Using cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, EOS)

Then you will need to exchange your funds for USDU stablecoin and buy CRU or UNTB.

We remind you that the initial cost of 1 CRU = 0.02$, in the perspective of one year the price can reach 10$ - do not rush to sell your CRU right away!

Also, CRU purchased on the exchange can be transferred to your wallet on the Cryptounit blockchain and placed in staking:

  • Staking CRU for CRU

The deposit is frozen for a staking period from 3 months to 3 years and gives income in CRU tokens from 1.2% to 8% per month.

  • Staking CRU for UNTB

Staking is placed for any period and gives income in UNTB tokens. It takes 72 hours to withdraw CRU from staking. UNTB received from staking can be sold on the exchange, the minimum price is 0.01$. In the perspective of one year, the price of UNTB may reach 1$.

Algorithm for withdrawing funds from the UnitEx exchange:

  1. Sale of CRU and UNTB tokens takes place only in tandem with USDU.
  2. USDU is sold in pairs with BTC, ETH, EOS.
  3. Then BTC, ETH, EOS can be withdrawn to external crypto wallets.

The withdrawal to the Global Unit Pay payment system is already available. For instructions on how to register and verify an account with Global Unit Pay, read here.

Good luck trading!

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