UGPay Group AG
A group of companies with a Swiss jurisdiction

Provides a legally transparent scheme of interaction with tax authorities of any jurisdiction

UGPay Group AG - A group of companies with a Swiss jurisdiction

UGPAY GROUP AG launched a global project in the field of fintech and blockchain technologies. It is a group of companies with a Swiss jurisdiction that invests in 20 sectors of the economy.

UGpay Group Goals

  1. Trade in the WCRU security token. When you register with UGPAY GROUP you can then buy WCRU tokens!
  2. Development of high-tech and highly profitable industries and companies in accordance with the NEEW concept.

Now 1 WCRU is worth $2

Please note: The sale of WCRU security tokens is temporarily suspended.
Follow the news and expect WCRU token sales to resume.

Mission of the UGpay Group

  1. A new round of the New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW)
  2. UGPay is leading Humanity along the path of a conscious choice in favor of energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and industries, which are designed to become the beginning of a new economy and bring Peace, Health, Prosperity and Wealth to the planet Earth. It is developing various sectors of the economy in different regions of the world, thereby improving the economic situation in these regions and increasing the level of human well-being. Through the introduction of blockchain technology, it creates a new environmentally friendly, safe and highly profitable economic environment, where the products of companies and their active consumers are within a single ecosystems.

UGpay Group Advantages

Own token - Introduces its own tokens to the market with full functionality of their trading, exchange and withdrawal to fiat. Each token is backed by a real dollar.

High demand for token - The security token WCRU, which is offered by UGPay GROUP AG, is in great demand even before the token goes to external exchanges.

Optimal set of tokens - Offers an optimal set of tokens - electronic share, dollar and technical token, which allows you to independently adjust the parameters of a crypto-wallet.

Transparent scheme - Registered in Switzerland, it provides its users with a legally transparent scheme of interaction with tax authorities of any jurisdiction.

Own blockchain - Developed its own blockchain to tokenize its assets and subsequently enter the company to STO.

Investments - Attraction of funds under the scheme of collective investments in the construction of factories, plants and other projects from scratch is included in existing businesses on a 50/50 basis.

The WCRU Token Gives Its Owners 3 Types of Income

1. Staking - Placing WCRU tokens on a crypto wallet to receive a reward in the form of UNTB. UNTB is a technical token that gives access to network resources such as RAM memory, CPU processing power and or NET speed.

2. Dividends - credited monthly to the owners of WCRU in proportion to the number of tokens from the profit that the company receives from any of its businesses in any of the investment sectors.

3. WCRU shares - The appraised value of the portfolio is skyrocketing, giving rise to the price of each WCRU digital share.

The Main Directions of the Investment Portfolio

Important to Know

UGPay Group

1. UGPay Group AG finances a pool of projects in various sectors of the economy. The WCRU token is a digital share (security token) of the company.

2. UGPay Group AG gives you the opportunity to become a co-owner of a global investment portfolio, which today has an independent assessment of over $ 1 billion, and includes more than 20 business sectors in the investment market.

3. UGPay Group AG is registered in Zug (Switzerland) and registered with the SEC.

Working in the high-tech market, UGPay Group AG strives to bring benefits to the community and provide investors and professional market participants with a tool for stable and reliable earnings on a proven business model.

And, as Andrey Khovratov Founder of UGPay Group AG said: "I want to emphasize that our goal is to change the economic model and ensure equal distribution of benefits at the global level."

This is the interview with Andrey Khovratov after the significant event that took place in the State Duma of the Russian Federation - the presentation of the encyclopedia "People of Our Millennium" and the ceremony of awarding its participants with commemorative medals. Among the 100 leaders of Russia, the name of Andrey Fedorovich Khovratov is forever sealed.

UGPay Group AG Services

  1. Research & Analytics - UGPay Group constantly monitors 30 key industries and markets within the EU, allowing us to follow the latest changes in the financial world and help our clients remain at a competitive edge.
  2. Strategic advisory - UGPay Group's primary goal is to increase business value and support shareholders and management in finding and implementing key tasks, including international industry experts assistance. Developing strategies and creating documents based on international databases and previously mentioned assistance experts to understand the trends in specific industries determining our customers' future.
  3. Project Management - UGPay Group Project Management involves a local advisor in implementing an investment project that allows accomplishing many tasks. Our Project Manager knows the market specifics and has a well-established relationship with various partners and organisations within the country.
  4. Feasibility studies & Business plans - UGPay Group will perform feasibility studies and assist you with the development of business plans. These documents are a necessity for evaluating the effectiveness of a project and deciding on its feasibility. The previously mentioned documents will help you solve, achieve project financing, and decide on medium and long-term strategies. As a result, you will have at your disposal a feasibility study and or business plan developed in line with international standards and based on banking requirements, market analysis, justification of assumptions and a detailed financial model with a multi-year forecast.
  5. Investor support - UGPay Group provides support to local as well as foreign investors. Our team advises on preparing the most optimal project structure, considering the industry specifics and supporting the investor's interests. Implementation of greenfield projects requires an integrated approach to determine the future outcome of the investment project and its effectiveness for owners. Implementing brownfield projects, including privatisation, follows a different process. Implementing brownfield projects requires an understanding of the relationships within the industry and the (inter) relationships and functioning of the target companies.

How to buy WCRU tokens

  1. Register here to obtain a personal account.
  2. Top up the account with a fiat or cryptocurrency and buy a package of WCRU tokens in your personal account.
  3. Follow the link from your personal account to the Cryptounit blockchain, where a private key to the cryptowallet will be generated for you, after which you can transfer your tokens to the cryptowallet.

UGPay Group AG

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