The UGPay Group Personal Account Is Open!

The UGPay Group Personal Account is Open

Dear Evorich ecosystem partners! We were all looking forward to the completion of technical work in our personal accounts in order to confidently begin the transition to a new stage in the development of our project.

It's time to announce: The UGPAY GROUP Personal Account is open!

To be in time for the start of sales and become one of the first owners of WCRU, we strongly recommend registering and starting verification in the Global Unit Pay payment system right now.

Now 1 WCRU is worth $2

Please note: The sale of WCRU security tokens is temporarily suspended.
Follow the news and expect WCRU token sales to resume.

To do so, go to and follow the step-by-step instructions

At the start of sales, the cost of 1 WCRU token will be 0,40 UNT

(Learn how to get up to +100% WCRU as a gift below)

We inform you that in parallel with the launch of the sale of the WCRU security token, the following changes will occur:

1. 50% of the total sales will be transferred to CRU program assets. Accordingly, the loyalty program bonus will decrease to 5%.

2. CRU points remain as a bonus for training payments until January 31st.

From February 1, 2021, EIPs will no longer contain CRU gift points, and partner program bonuses in CRU points will not be credited.

3. In the UGPAY GROUP PA, there is only a Main account for paying for packages, and a Certificate account, where the balance of your WCRU tokens will be displayed.

4. To be able to increase the number of WCRU tokens in the purchased package by 11-100%, join the ELITE-club

The cost of an annual subscription to the ELITE-club is:

  • for stages 1 and 2 — just 100 UNT (The best conditions to become a member! The lowest cost of participation, but, in the experience of launching the CRU program, the initial stages can be very short-lived.)
  • for stages 3 and 4 — 1 000 UNT
  • and from stage 5 — already 10 000 UNT

Moreover, you will receive additional benefits by participating in the ELITE-club:

  • participation in various projects of the company on individual terms;
  • participation in promotions, offers, contests;
  • opportunity to become a part of an elite club of investors and receive the best offers on the market.

5. Approximately from January 18, from the date of the start of WCRU sales, the grace period for the VIP-club of a Private Investor will be canceled forever.

From this day, a full subscription to the VIP-club will be required for:

  • payment for any goods containing CRU points;
  • payment for goods from the EIPI VIP-CRU INSTALLMENT category, issued before January 12;
  • partner program accruals when your partners pay for goods containing CRU points.

A VIP-club subscription is not required for: 

  • paying for Evorich, the Academy of a Private Investor and UGPay Group goods, as well as to receive referral credits for payment of goods by your partners.

6. On January 12, the transition to the 6th stage of the II part of the development of the CRU project will take place, which will entail:

  • A reduction in the discount. You can compare the discounts of the current and upcoming stages in the table:
Transition to the 6th stage of the II part
  • Cancellation of the opportunity to purchase products in installments. *For installments issued before January 12, CRU points will be credited according to the monthly payment schedule until its full repayment.
  • Reduction of bonus plan accruals in CRU points to 30% instead of 40% at the current stage.

Thank you for your support! Together we are confidently moving towards our common goal and successfully passing each planned stage in the development of our company.

P.S. Remind your partners about the start of WCRU sales, and tell the new ones - register them in the Evorich PA, help them activate the UGPay Group PA tab, pass verification and become the owner of a promising and innovative asset.

* WCRU (WorldCRU) — security token which will be freely sold and exchanged by UGPAY GROUP AG.

UGPAY GROUP AG — is a company registered in the Swiss jurisdiction, which was created specifically for the sale of WCRU security tokens and is a platform for bringing them to the global investment market.

If you have questions about the WCRU security token and the work of UGPAY GROUP AG, then follow the link to get answers to them.

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