The New Age of Learning

The New Age of Learning

The new age of learning and education is upon us, whether we are ready for it or not. Scientists predicted even 8 years ago how technology could change the way we learn, and the strain that the pandemic has placed on the global schooling systems have meant that education institutions have had to adapt and change very quickly to meet the demands of students unable to physically attend classes.

But what about re-education for adults who need to up-skill or change careers completely?

Well, the trends have shown a rise in popularity of online courses and other remote learning methods, where students learn at their own pace, based on their interests. However, for some, there are challenges associated with learning this way. For example, it is easier to get distracted online, time-management can be an issue, and the lack of social interaction by not having a teacher or coursemates physically present can put them off online learning.

If this is you, how can you get around this?

First, adopt the mindset of lifelong learning. Humans are adaptable beings, and constantly are able to work out solutions to problems on a daily basis. A simple thought of “I can do this” can give you energy to get started. Be open-minded that it will take time to learn something deeply. Neuro-scientist Scott Bolland in his TedX talk expressed how the human mind is “hard-wired to find learning pleasurable.” So make use of this innate ability - how can you make learning enjoyable? One way is to start by asking yourself questions, and see where that leads you.

Second, once you are open to this concept of being a self-guided learner, you can curate your own blend of topics to build, say, your own MBA. The problem with this is there is an over-saturation of information available more than any other time in history. Professor Yural Noah Harari, a macro-historian, emphasizes that self-learners need a map of reality with signposts that will guide you to your aim, and prevent you from getting lost in the sea of information. 

How do you create this map? 

Most people do this by trial and error, but that can take time. You may get confused or overwhelmed, and it can be very expensive. You can engage a mentor to assist you. Another way is to find a collection of pre-chosen topics that all lead towards your desired outcome.

At Evorich Academy, we have done the heavy lifting for you - combining these solutions together. Our list of courses focus on 3 fundamental areas necessary for educating the global MLCI entrepreneur of the future. These are: Business, Leadership and Mindset. Our courses “Million-dollar partner”, “MLCI Pro”, “Public Speaking training”, and many more currently in development, have been created by experienced leaders and experts in the MLCI business, with proven strategies for success. 

Evorich courses also come with access to discussion boards, support from Evorich Academy moderators and mentors, and you have the power to build your own classroom experience by interacting with fellow students from around the world. These courses were created with the MLCI business roadmap in mind - giving you the most relevant education you need at whatever stage you are at - from beginner to experienced businessperson.

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