The Fastest Way to Increase Your Income

The Fastest Way to Increase Your Income

According to Robert Kiyosaki, all people are divided into 4 quadrants. This is a fairly simple concept that has huge implications for your career and finances:

  1. Wage-earners
  2. Individual entrepreneurs
  3. Businessmen
  4. Investors

How does it work and how do they differ?

  1. Wage-earners are people who work for someone else. This is what the majority do.
  2. Individual entrepreneurs are people who work for themselves.
  3. Businessmen are people who hire and organize the work of other people and take a portion of their income in the form of profits for themselves.
  4. Investors are people who make money work for them.

The difference between the first two categories is that people from these categories exchange time for money, that is, they sell their time for a certain, often fixed, wage. And time, as you know, is a limited resource.

In the last two quadrants, this restriction is removed: businessmen can hire more people, while money works for the investor, and in most cases around the clock. This allows you to free up time for yourself, your family, hobbies, self-development and creating new sources of income.

Moving to the businessman or investor quadrant is the shortest path to financial freedom that you can gain when you stop working for money and start working for yourself.

So which quadrant are you in now?

Whether a person is in quadrant or another depends primarily on their thinking. People in each quadrant think differently, they have a different approach to making money and increasing money.

What do you think about generating income from different quadrants?

Yes, you heard right, it's possible! Even if you are now employed, you can start your own business and become an online entrepreneur and investor, increasing your capital like a snowball, without quitting your main job immediately.

How can you do it?

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These are all great solutions to shorten your path to wealth, and they definitely work!

Choose directions to your liking and get to business!

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