Support for Deaf Evorich Ecosystem Partners

Francesco Cannone

We are pleased to announce that in order to improve the communication and working conditions for our deaf and hearing impaired partners, the Italian leader Francesco Cannone, Evorich partner program Vice President, was appointed responsible for the community of deaf Evorich consumers; promoter and contributor of the Cryptounit project; certified “Master-Profi" coach; professional investor; member of the "Worlds Generals - for Peace" association; professional speaker.

An informational and training program dedicated to this community is being prepared on a weekly basis. In addition, an information group was created in Telegram, where information in various sign languages, such as French, Spanish, English, German and, naturally, Italian will be posted. We try to provide maximum support by facilitating access to the company's training system with the help of our community.

We also appeal to all partners who are ready to join, know LIS and another sign language (preferably also written) and who want to contribute to helping deaf partners. Please contact Francesco Cannone, responsible for the community of deaf Evorich ecosystem members, directly at +39 327 904 0548 (WhatsApp/Telegram).

You can find the link to the Telegram group below. We urge that only deaf and hearing impaired partners join the group.

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Thank you for cooperation!

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