Start of WCRU Sales

Initial Cost and New Current Conditions

Start of WCRU Sales: Initial Cost and New Current Conditions

Naturally, you have already heard about the start of sales of WorldCRU (WCRU) security tokens.

We congratulate the very first buyers and invite everyone to become a holder of a promising new digital asset, which will allow you to become a co-owner of the Global Investment Portfolio and a pool of projects included in it in twenty investment market segments.

Starting value of 1 WCRU token is 0,40 UNT. You can only purchase WorldCRU security tokens in the UGPAY GROUP Personal Account.

Attention! There is only a Main account for paying for packages, and a Certificate account, where the balance of your WCRU tokens will be displayed in the UGPAY GROUP PA. At the moment, you can top up the Main Account only through the Global Unit Pay payment system.

  • To register and complete verification in the Global Unit Pay payment system, follow the link and follow the step-by-step instructions.
  • Important! When registering, use the most complex password with a length of at least 8 characters, which includes Latin letters (at least 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase), numbers and symbols (example of symbols: +=&^%$#@!).

In order to have the opportunity to increase the amount of WCRU tokens in the purchased package by 11-100%, join the ELITE-club.

Membership in the ELITE-club guarantees:

  • participation in various projects on exclusive terms;
  • participation in offers and promotions;
  • an opportunity to become a part of an elite club of investors and receive the best offers on the market.

Cost of yearly membership in the ELITE-club is:

  • on stages 1 and 2 — just 100 UNT;
  • on stages 3 and 4 — 1 000 UNT;
  • and from the 5 stage — 10 000 UNT.

In parallel with the launch of WCRU sales, the following changes took place:

1. The grace period for the VIP-club of a Private Investor has been canceled forever.

From January 18 full subscription to the VIP-club is required for:

  • payment for any goods containing CRU points;
  • Payment for products from the EIPI VIP-CRU INSTALLMENTS category (issued before January 12);
  • accruals under the Evorich partner program when your partners pay for goods containing CRU points.

Subscription to the VIP-club is not required:

  • to pay for UGPay Group packages, Evorich and the Academy of a Private Investor products, as well as to receive accruals under the Evorich ecosystem partner program for payment of goods by your partners.

2. CRU points remain as a bonus for purchasing training until 31 January 2021 inclusive. From February 1, 2021, EIPs will no longer contain CRU gift points, and partner program bonuses in CRU points will not be credited.

3. Now 50% of the total sales will be transferred to CRU program assets. Accordingly, the CRU loyalty program bonus will decrease to 5%.

You can get new opportunities with just a few clicks with us.

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