Start of Sales of the "Digital Seller" Course

The “Digital Seller” training and information product is a new course from New Digital Evolution.

Start of Sales of the

This training is designed for clients who want to learn new skills, improve sales, and become qualified promoters of the NDE project, gaining a lot of useful information and valuable knowledge in the field of online sales.

We are glad to announce that the course is already available in the Academy of a Private Investor personal account. Moreover, you have a unique chance to complete training with a 90% discount!

Use the PROMO90 promo code and get the course for just 25 UNT!

How to use the discount:

  • Click "Buy"
  • In the the promo code field, enter PROMO90
  • Click "Apply" and wait for the cost to be recalculated taking into account the promotional code
  • And only after that make the payment

Purchase the training with a discount

All details and further instructions will be sent from NDE to your email within 1-3 days from the date of payment.

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