The Start of Recruitment for the Trading Course Has Been Postponed to 1 December 2021

The Start of Recruitment for the Trading Course Has Been Postponed

Dear friends, the start of enrollment for the “Trading” course has been postponed until 1 December 2021. And this is a great opportunity to once again assess the prospects for yourself and have enough time to sign up for the first stream!

The "Trading" course by the Academy of a Private Investor and the author-practitioner Artem Kabanov is aimed at those who seek to learn how to generate money by making transactions in the financial markets, constantly develop and conquer new heights of the skill of exchange trading.

You will learn how to competently manage trading capital and determine risks, find the optimal entry/exit points from a trade, determine the direction of the market, study the features of using indicators, technical and fundamental analyzes, learn how to control emotions and follow the rules of discipline, gain the mindset of a profitable trader.

The course will transform your financial thinking, help you unleash your inner potential and teach you how to extract long-term profit from the market in any circumstances.

Enrollment for the 1 stream will take place from December 1 to December 15, after which training will begin immediately.

So put your doubts aside, set a reminder for December 1st and be the first to sign up.

And while you are in anxious anticipation, we offer a recording of the course presentation personally from the author:

A surprise for EVENTI 2021 participants: only in the first 3 days after the start of sales, the full "Trading: Higher Education" course is available to you with a 40% discount. Use this opportunity!

We are waiting for you in the team of participants!

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