Ramon Bejar

Ramon Bejar, a strong believer in his work as a perfumer, follows his vocation of creating what he calls “Olfactory Experiences for the Soul”, fragrances that stand in between jewellery and art pieces, only for those who dare to wear his unique seal of identity and experience the power, spirituality and mysticism transmitted by his perfumes.

Besides being a perfumer, artist and dreamer, Ramon Bejar stands out for his great sensitivity, taste and intuition; qualities that lead him to create otherwise unimaginable combinations of scents able to incite the most extraordinary sensations.

Since he discovered his passion for perfume under the wing of an oriental master who taught him the secrets of this tradition, he has been dedicated to the art of perfumery, leaving in his wake the creation of some fragrances that transcend the boundaries of history for their delicacy.

Ramon Bejar is a philosophy...

Internationally renowned Ramon Bejar, is a philosophy, a way of understanding perfumery where the most sophisticated essences and plants of our planet, result in unique and exquisite fragrances of perfumes that make each collection an unsurpassed and selective work of art of high-class perfumery. A touch of adoration of supreme beauty, making each fragrance an authentic object of power.

And it does so following the agreement between Ramon Bejar and the Evorich Group, creating a line of perfumes exclusively for members of its community, under the name EVOSCENT, where 8 extraordinary fragrances were presented during the autumn of 2021, as a treat of unsuspected dimensions, capable of being a luxury that shines with its own light.

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However, if there is one thing that stands out in Ramon Bejar’s creation, it is the truly luxurious perfumes based on precious stones such as sapphire, ruby and emerald, or precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

Signature creations produced exclusively for the Royal Houses of some Persian Gulf countries, such as Saudi Arabia.

The prices of these perfumes, which have proved very successful in the Middle East and elsewhere, are only affordable for a few. Ramon Bejar, in the field of creativity, won the 2001 Pro Carton ECMA Award in the cosmetics category for the perfume “Entente for men” by Bejar Signature.

Ramon Bejar’s precious items can be found on Moscow’s Red Square, in St. Petersburg, Dubai, Switzerland, Spain, Harrods department store in London and in the best shops in the United States…

In 2015, at the World’s Most Expensive Perfume Singapore Grand Prix, the most expensive perfume in history “The Royalé Dream” was auctioned for 190,000 Dollars, created by Ramon Bejar.

Ramon Bejar with EvoScent representatives from Evorich
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