New Office in Australia

You Are Invited

You Are Invited to a New Office in Australia

It is with great excitement and pleasure that we announce the opening of the Evorich ecosystem HQ for the Academy of Private Investor on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia.

On the 4th of August 2020 at approximately 1pm local time, an intimate ribbon cutting ceremony took place at Unit 8, 10 Cloyne Road in Southport, Queensland Australia.

You Are Invited to a New Office in Australia

A Date chosen for its significance for the Hindu Goddess Gayatri who symbolises strength, education and wealth, a blessing was placed upon the space by a TIbetian Monk who was a disciple of the DALAI Lama himself, who also blessed us with the 21 TARA Mantra dedicated to the goddess TARA in buddhism, to ensure that all those who visit and work from there are endowed with Health, Wealth and Prosperity.

The new office in Australia has been laid out in a warm and inviting way lending itself to the nature of the New Economic Evolution of the World. Partners will have the opportunity to bring their guests to visit and relax to have all of their questions answered as well as being able to participate in training, presentations and Genius of Finance games.

You Are Invited to a New Office in Australia

Work began in October of 2019 on finding a suitable location after it was suggested at the last co-working space the company was at, that we had potentially ‘outgrown’ their space and we likely needed our own space.

There were a few options on the cards and eventually the current location was decided upon due to being easily accessible, close to public transport and plenty of car parking nearby for partners.

This lent itself beautifully to Andrey’s master plan of having large office space and subletting some of it to companies that would compliment what Evorich does.

Due to the circumstances outside of our control, the refit and opening was substantially delayed, an office that was due to open in February, is now open for all in August.

So what is available for entrepreneurs and partners?

‘Hot Desk’s’, Permanent Desks, Meeting rooms, presentation room, soundproof recording booth, complete with greenscreen for PodCasts and video. All of these are available for booking.

Office will be manned from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and will be open with notice for training and presentations.

Contacts: Alan Nelson +61 300 447 419, email

We encourage all of the local partners to visit and make use of the facilities, beit to simply call in for a coffee or invite your guests to presentations and Q&A’s.

We look forward to welcoming you into your space.

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