The New Economic Evolution of the World

NEEW - a progressive and unique movement

NEEW - The New Economic Evolution of the World

NEEW, the New Economic Evolution of the World, is a progressive and unique movement, whose mission is social cohesion and support for all peoples, global distribution of wealth and resources, helping others and leaving a legacy to descendants, and to pave the way for future generations and civilisations to enjoy.

NEEW is designed to help people around the world become co-owners, stakeholders and shareholders of the most profitable enterprises and companies on the planet by creating a single global corporation in which every single person is actively participating in the expansion and sustainability of the corporation. Active involvement in enhancing profitability and redistribution of profits with questions of social and societal development aimed at forming a higher level of consciousness in society.

This will provide society with the opportunity to embark on a completely new development path driven by a collective consciousness that will bring increasing prosperity, richness, usefulness, longevity and health to the planet and all its peoples.

Thus, a society of empowered and educated people is created, free from financial stress, from political and economic shocks, and from the fear of tomorrow's uncertainty.  

The New Economic Evolution of the World is a state of the world which will help many people become financially independent and achieve prosperity, live in a world without wars and poverty, while our descendants enjoy life on a clean planet, which we must save.

What Is the NEEW by Andrey Khovratov

Thanks to the colossal effort of everyone of us from Evorich ecoystem, we managed to take the first step towards the implementation of the New Economic Evolution of the World – starting the CryptoUnit Program, which is in very high demand and interest among partners and investors, with great success!

Creation of the CryptoUnit Program will help realize the NEEW program in a very short time. The main goal of the CryptoUnit project is to unite over 10% of people on the planet to implement the New Economic Evolution of the World. All of this will create the foundation for development for future generations, who will honour our beginnings at all times.

Cryptounit Program Explained by Andrey Khovratov

The New Economic Evolution of the World is intended to be a state and mindset that will help many people become financially independent and achieve prosperity. The educational goal of the program is to share the experience of successful investors and give people the knowledge they need to be able to make sound and profitable financial decisions that help them achieve financial freedom, and overcome the financial barriers that are currently attainable by only the super-rich.

By giving people the education they need to understand the basics and intricacies of the financial world many of the modern problems can be alleviated. The abundance of opportunities available for investments has to be opened to people and the NEEW program is designed to make it happen.

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