NEEW Won the Grand Prize

Many television channels broadcast online

NEEW Won the Grand Prize

The “Vietnam Ancestral Global Day” was held recently, where representatives of the Evorich community took part.

Vietnam Ancestral Global Day” is one of the most important festivals in the country and it is aimed at preserving the national culture and traditions, education of spirit and love for the homeland.

Our team won the grand prize – Gold Plated Drum – drum with 24 carat gold plating, a symbol of traditional culture of Vietnam, presented by the Prime Minister of Vietnam on 7 July 2020. The awarding ceremony was broadcasted on a Facebook page “Future is now”.

Vietnam Ancestral Global Day prize received!

Many television channels broadcast online, and newspapers in Vietnam and neighboring countries will be dazzling with colorful photocopies of the event for a long time to come. Thanks to such publicity of the event, powerful motivation to contribute to the spread of the New Economic Evolution of the World - NEEW was created for the Evorich ecosystem Leaders of the countries.

Thanks to the President Phuong Ly Do (company leader in Slovakia), the leadership of Cam Nhung Nguyen (member of the Presidential Council), the team spirit and determination of Evorich Vietnam Global Leaders, the Vietnamese team won the impressive grand prize and many other individual awards.

Congratulations to our Leaders who have been involved in receiving this prize:

Cam Nguyen, LiliDo, Armands Murnieks, Olga Shantina, Dr. Lydia Oinam, Christopher Fanu, Dana Kolina, Truong Xuan Thuy, Jen Nguyen, as well as representatives of Leadership Councils in Vietnam: Hue Nhu, Bich Ha Do, Kim Khanh, Van Huy, Dao Hang, Team Daklak, Team Quang Tri, Team Nghe An, Hiep Nguyen, Kim Thuyen and others.

“Vietnam Ancestral Global Day”: prize received!

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