Listing of UNTB on LocalTrade

We are pleased to announce the placement of the Cryptounit platform Unit Token Of Blockchain (UNTB) utility token on the exchange!

The UNTB/USDT trading pair was created. As such, it is now possible to conduct trading operations, sell and buy tokens. On the first day, auctions in the amount of $150,000 and more than 42 million UNTB tokens were held. As of May 17, UNTB cost ~0.003 USDT.


UNTB is the technical token of the Cryptounit blockchain platform. The token is required to access CPU+NET blockchain resources and be able to make transactions, buy RAM memory to store data on the Cryptounit blockchain, can be used as a resource token for the gaming industry and issue new coins and tokens, is used to reward Top 21 validators.


  • Total tokens: 8,123,456,789 UNTB. The issue ends in March 2030.
  • Minimum value: 4 decimal places (0.0001).
  • UNTB network coin in free circulation. Can seamlessly move between accounts.
  • Current Price: $0.003
  • UNTB are mined shareware by staking CRU and WCRU tokens on the Cryptounit platform.

Until that moment, UNTB was traded on the Unitex exchange. Access to new exchanges and placement on the popular crypto resources CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap lie ahead.

In addition, the Cryptounit blockchain will be decentralized and the cost of RAM memory will be reduced by 2 times next week, which will make the platform even more attractive for creating business accounts and attracting new users. 

Let's keep developing!

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