It Finally Happened

The Official Start of WCRU Sales + "Hot" Offer!

It Finally Happened: the Official Start of WCRU Sales

UGPay Group AG announces the start of the first round of sales of tokenized shares of the Global Investment Portfolio - WorldCRU (WCRU) security tokens.

Only in honor of such a significant event and only for 4 days, there is a "hot" promotional offer:

Become a holder of WorldCRU tokens from 10 to 14 February 2021 and get + 35% WCRU as a gift!

This is an evolution in financial technology!

What is unique about the WorldCRU token is a rare opportunity for absolutely everyone to become a co-owner of the assets of the Global Portfolio and create multiple streams of income, such as staking, profi-bonus, loyalty program bonus and earnings on the rise in the value of the token.

Buy WCRU with the promotion and get + 35% as a gift >>

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