iDecide Interactive

iDecide Interactive is not just a video... It is much more!

iDecide Interactive

It is no secret that presentations are the main and most powerful tool for conveying information to the consciousness of the audience and subsequent sales. If your presentation is poorly organized or downright boring, you will quickly lose interest and motivation from potential clients and partners. Therefore, it is imperative to keep your audience engaged and engaged throughout your presentation.

But how can you make your presentation more interesting so that it stuns your audience?

How do you make sure that the audience is as involved as possible, understands everything and does not fall asleep?

What content should you create to attract many partners to your team?

What working tool from your arsenal to offer your partners after registering in your team?

Many people make videos or standard slides, but they don't allow people to interact. Down with boring presentations!

Introducing the best interactive presentation tool available - iDecide Interactive.

iDecides are fully interactive presentations where viewers choose what they want to see, not what you make them see!

iDecide is not just a video. It is much more!

iDecide presentations will become an irreplaceable assistant for you. Gorgeous graphics, real-time data, calculators, addressing the viewer by name... all this and much more will be available to you. Let interactivity work wonders!

Why iDecide Interactive is the best tool for you:

  • save a lot of your precious time;
  • iDecide will ask your prospective clients probing questions;
  • it will skip information that they are not interested in;
  • it will answer most of their questions before you personally speak with them;
  • iDecides puts the viewer in the driver's seat, allowing them to choose what they want to see;
  • allows them to move on to the next stage of the sales process when they are ready to do so;
  • it will send you instant notifications when a potential client views a presentation;
  • it will show information in real time based on user input;
  • the analytics of the service provides you with the data that is most important to you, which is always at hand: presentation counter, audience activity, closing rate... you will even know EXACTLY which parts of your iDecide presentation are working and which need improvement!

Access to iDecide Interactive is provided by subscription. There are 2 tariffs available: for 1 month (30 calendar days) and for 1 year.

How it works:

  1. You pay for a subscription to the service through your Evorich personal account
  2. Activate your iDecide account using the data that will be sent to your email after payment.
  3. You get access to ready-made Evorich ecosystem presentations, the ability to start sharing presentations in a few clicks and build a team.

Important! Interactive presentations are only available in Russian, English, Italian, Hindi and Spanish. We will inform you about the addition of new languages.

Choose your tariff and start wowing your audience!

Please note! The iDecide service is only available to users with a complete profile. Go to profile settings and indicate your name and surname (for legal entities - name and surname of the authorized person).

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