BOBC for WCRU Holders
How to Get the Gift 

How to Get Gift BOBC for WCRU Holders

In March 2021, Andrey Khovratov took part in the ICO-WA (ICO With Assets) of the young Bob Eco project, investing his personal funds in the purchase of 1 000 000 Bobcoin (BOBC) tokens. The success of the project exceeded all expectations of both its creator Bob Ulti and investors. The number of positive reviews about the project is 95%, and the cost of the BOBC token has skyrocketed from $0.3 to $11 in a short period of time.

For such a young project, the cost of the token turned out to be too high, and in order to prevent an emotional barrier to the participation of new users due to the high price, a decision to split was made - the cost of the Bobcoin token was reduced by 1:10, and the number of tokens was increased by 10:1. This resulted in a new token value of $1.1.

After this event, Andrey Khovratov decided to make a gift - to transfer his personal 10 000 000 Bobcoins to the WCRU Global Investment Portfolio and distribute them among all Evorich ecosystem partners who are holders of WorldCryptounit (WCRU) tokens.

How to get your gift:

  1. In the near future, the login and password from your personal account in STO-Cap will be sent to the email to which your Evorich personal account is registered.
  2. Follow the link from the letter and log in to your personal account with this data. For security purposes, change your password and set up two-factor authentication (2FA).
  3. Pass verification, for this you will need: a passport or other identification card, a photo with a passport or identity card in hand, bank statement/utility bill confirmation from a government agency to verify the address.
  4. Register on one or more crypto exchanges where BOBC is traded:  UnitExLBankBitMartXt.comDecoinDigifinexBibox.
  5. If you want to withdraw your unlocked BOBC, copy the BOBC wallet address on the exchange to your STO-Cap personal account profile. To avoid errors in the wallet address, copy it instead of manually retyping.

What else you need to know:

How many BOBС will I get? BOBC tokens will be credited to all WorldCryptounit holders in proportion to their number in the following ratio: 2550 WCRU = 1 BOBC. For example, 10000 WCRU = 3.9 BOBC.

Can I register my STO-Cap personal account in advance? To avoid possible technical errors, you do not need to register your personal account on your own.

What if I already had a personal account registered earlier? You will still receive a new account, after verification your accounts will be merged into one.

I want to buy BOBC on STO-Cap, is it possible? Yes, you can buy BOBC in your STO-Cap account. The unfreezing process will start 12 months after purchase (0.5% per week).

Is there a referral program? Yes, you can refer affiliates to STO-Cap and earn commissions from BOBC sales. What's more, your entire network structure and Evorich bonus plan will be integrated into STO-Cap, allowing you to earn on your Evorich partners' purchases.

Can children be registered? Yes, there is such a possibility.

When can I sell my gift BOBC? All BOBC received as a gift will be blocked, but the first unlocking will begin in April/May, which, if desired, will allow you to sell tokens on the above exchanges.

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