Higher Status — More EVSN!

Another Super Opportunity to Get the Most Out of the Evorich Bonus Plan

Our Partner Company EvoScent Decided to Reward Evorich Partners for Success in the MLCI Business and Give Valuable Gifts. Who Is Entitled to It? Everyone!

Higher Status - More EVSN!

Another super opportunity to get the most out of the Evorich bonus plan - our partner company EvoScent decided to reward Evorich ecosystem partners for success in the MLCI business and give valuable gifts.

Who is entitled to it? Everyone! What are the additional conditions? They aren't any!

Just keep reaching new statuses under the new Evorich bonus plan and get EVSN points for free. Higher status = more EVSN points!

See how many EVSN bonus points you can claim in the table:

Status Number of bonus EVSN for reaching the status Total number of bonus EVSN for achieving statuses
Agent 10 000 10 000
Consultant 25 000 35 000
Manager 65 000 100 000
Leader-Manager 400 000 500 000
Top-Manager 500 000 1 000 000
Vice President 700 000 1 700 000
President 3 300 000 5 000 000
President with 2 Presidents in the 1 line 5 000 000 10 000 000

And now the nuances:

  1. Status must be increased under the new Evorich bonus plan.
  2. Statuses received from February 24, 2022 15:00 Moscow time, i.e. since the launch of the EvoScent Program, are considered. If you received a new status before this date, no points will be awarded. However, if after February 24 you upgraded your status to, for example, "Consultant", then you will receive a bonus for both "Consultant" and "Agent", despite the fact that the status of "Agent" was received before this date.
  3. The maximum bonus is 10 000 000 points. With each achievement of the next status, the difference is calculated in accordance with the table. For example, upon reaching the status of "Agent", the partner received 10 000 EVSN, and upon reaching the status of "Consultant", they will receive 25 000 EVSN (in total, together with the "Agent" bonus, the partner will receive 35 000 EVSN). The “Manager” receives 65 000 EVSN, and together with the “Agent” and “Consultant” bonuses, they will receive 100 000 points, and so on.
  4. EVSN gift points will be credited to the portfolio balance in your CRU-EVOSCENT account.

So what are you waiting for? The most active partners are ALREADY receiving their bonus EVSN points! We congratulate them and wish for even more new high statuses, even more bonuses! Act!

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