"Genius of Finance" Tournament in Italy

Under the Direction of Andrey Khovratov

A working meeting between Andrey Khovratov and the project managers of uGain and New Digital Evolution was held in Italy from 16 to 18 September 2021. Taking the opportunity to gain knowledge personally from the General Director of the Academy of a Private Investor, the "Genius of Finance" training was organized in the city of Monza under the leadership of Andrey Fedorovich.

5 hours of training flew by unnoticed, and one can only envy those lucky enough to receive invaluable experience and a lot of useful advice personally from the author of the training and an undeniable master in personal finance management.

The newly minted "Genius of Finance" host Stefano Crognale emerged as the winner. In addition to being the winner of the training, he received a gorgeous gift from Andrey Khovratov - free participation in the "Invest-Consultant + Profi-Investor" program.

We sincerely congratulate Stefano on the victory, wish you further success in training, an easy road to knowledge, development both as an investment consultant and as a host of the "Genius of Finance" game training.

If you also want to become a certified game host and conduct game trainings on your own, pay attention to the "Genius of Finance", Qualified host training.

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