"World Generals for Peace": Registration Manual

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Dear Evorich ecosystem partners, colleagues and friends, as well as dear Peacemakers!

Our partners from the International Public Association “Worlds Generals – for Peace” have created a convenient manual with explanations and illustrations so that you can easily and conveniently activate your profile. Indeed, to confirm your participation, you must register on the Association’s website.

Take a look at the manual >>

By the way, after you have received the “Peacemaker” status, a referral link becomes available to you in the Association’s personal account, using which you have the opportunity to create your own team – just pass it on to your colleagues and friends.

We also want to remind you that due to the improvement of the Association’s website, by January 1, 2020, all Peacekeepers must confirm their participation status and pay annual membership fees or an annual charitable contribution in order to have access to news and maintain contact with the Association.

Generals for Peace Registration Manual

The peacekeeping idea penetrates the hearts of people, finding more and more supporters! Join our good movement! Andrey Fedorovich Khovratov and Evorich ecosystem leaders were awarded with the highest award of the association - the “Dove of Peace” medal.

If you have any questions during the registration process or you are interested in other information, please contact us by e-mail: generalsforpeace10@mail.ru or by WhatsApp: +996707388388.

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