"Fundamentals of Blockchain" Course

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You have expanded your knowledge

Dear graduates of the first stream of training, we are glad to congratulate you once again on completing the “Fundamentals of Blockchain” course and inform you that everyone who fulfilled the conditions received bonus UNTB! Check your wallet on the Cryptounit blockchain.

You have expanded your knowledge of blockchain applications and mastered this powerful source of additional income.

And if you confirmed the knowledge gained by successfully completing the test, passing it with 75%, you are deservedly issued a personal certificate of completion of the course, which is already available in the Academy of a Private Investor personal account. To get it, follow the link and  click on the "Download certificate" button.

The results of the second training stream will be known soon, follow the news in your personal account and official chats.

We wish you successful application of the knowledge gained in the world of endless blockchain possibilities!


Academy of a Private Investor.

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