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Financial Specialist Required!

Dear partners! Due to your co-operative efforts the Evorich ecosystem is actively developing all over the world! With regard to this, a vacancy for the position of a financial specialist is open in Switzerland!

We are looking for you if you:

  • are a partner of the company and fully share the NEEW philosophy of the company. Not a partner yet? Register for free here.
  • are a resident of Switzerland (over 3 years);
  • have high degree in finance providing essential understanding of general functioning of financial institutions, financial products and services, securities, capital markets etc.
  • speak English, Deutch – fluently
  • have professional experience with regulated financial institutions or legal firms from 2 years on relevant functionality.

We are waiting for you in our team, if you are a team-oriented, communicative,  being initiative, open-minded, ready to learn new, hard-working.

Main duties:

  • general providing the company to comply with the FINMA regulatory requirements;
  • initial elaboration of the regulatory documentation package for the company (with assistance of other company experts and/or external consultants) and keeping it up-to-date in line with the developing regulatory requirements;
  • organizing and documenting business processes and procedures of the company to go in line with the regulatory requirements;
  • preparing and executing regulatory reporting: both regular and on-demand (by FINMA) as well as the internal ad hoc reporting as may be instructed by the management;
  • liaising with external counterparties of the company in relation to documentary and procedural matters (such as opening accounts, preparation of application packages, filling out forms, general doc-flow etc.)
  • executing the Compliance/AML/KYC procedures in relation to the clients of the company including the clients’ accounts with the third parties (e.g. brokers).
  • support and consulting of the company’s clients in relation to documentary and procedural matters with the company or its counterparties;
  • keeping , structuring, archiving of corporate files and documentation
  • carrying out other relevant functions as may be instructed by the company's superiors.

Trial period shall be 3 months. References from the past jobs may be required.

The salary shall be discussed with a successful candidate.

We kindly ask you to inform us your current and/or expected salary.

If you are interested in our offer, fill out the form. You need to be a registered Evorich ecosystem partner. If you are not, you can register here for free.

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