External Exchange Launch

What You Need to Know

All CRU points which were unblocked or received via internal exchange can be currently placed for staking in the Personal Account

External Exchange Launch: What You Need to Know

In october, after the launch of the external exchange, partners with unblocked CRU on the balance will have the following options at their disposal:

  1. Leave their unblocked CRU points in staking in the Personal Account, and transfer the monthly unblocked CRU points to the crypto wallet.
  2. Transfer unblocked CRU from their crypto wallet to any other person's CRYPTOUNIT blockchain wallet.
  3. Stake blocked CRU in the crypto wallet to receive UNTB tokens.
  4. Sell/buy unblocked CRU on the external exchange.
  5. Sell/buy UNTB tokens on the external exchange.

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