Exclusive Coins Are Melting Before Our Eyes!

EIP "Gold Anniversary"

For Evorich Ecosystem Partners
Who Understand the Value of Collectible Gold Coins


EIP "GOLD Anniversary" is a special offer for our partners who understand the value of collectible gold coins, which includes not only an exclusive coin, but also unique training courses on financial and investment literacy from the best practitioners of the finance industry.

The CryptoUnit commemorative coin is an exclusive gold coin made of the purest gold - 24 carats (995 standard), 35 g, 40 mm in diameter.

But that's not all: as a bonus to the coin, you will receive 62 000 CRU points, which is several times higher than the cost of the product!


From mid-January 2021, when the UGPAY GROUP personal account is launched and the sale of WCRU security tokens starts, EIP “GOLD Anniversary” will no longer contain CRU points as a bonus, and the coin value will rise to 10 000 UNT.

Andrey Khovratov - Exclusive Coins Are Melting Before Our Eyes!

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