Evoscent Promotion!
Encourage Your Efforts and Get Valuable Gifts!

Evoscent Promotion!

Here’s why it is worth attending webinars - so you can be the first to receive valuable information firsthand!

So, on November 6, at the "How to earn from $ 10 000 to $ 100 000 in December: a strategy from practitioners" webinar, a promotion from EvoScent was announced. 

Therefore, if from November 1 to November 30 your contribution to the development of the project reaches the required indicators, you will receive valuable gifts. Of course, only new registrations and new purchases during this period are counted.

So, conditions and gifts:

  • 50 registrations in the 1 line and "Travel set" orders: "Million dollar partner: start in the MLCI business" training as a gift
  • 250 registrations in the 1 line and "Travel set" orders: 250 USDU as a gift
  • 500 registrations in the 1 line and "Travel set" orders: 1000 USDU as a gift
  • 1000 registrations in the 1 line and "Travel set" orders: 5000 USDU as a gift

But that's not all! The first 5 partners who complete the “1000 registrations and orders” promotion will receive 25000 CRU, and the first 15 partners with “500 registrations and orders” will receive 8000 CRU.

Promotion validity: from 1 to 30 November 23:59 Moscow time

The time of action has come! Join and you will not only see your team grow dozens and hundreds of times, but also get cool presents with the help of the new product. You already have all you will need: your will to act, EvoScent promotion as a gift and the EvoScent add page. Ride the wave!

Evoscent Promotion!

In addition, special chats have been created to support partners actively promoting the EvoScent project. Join and get useful information, marketing materials, ready-made scripts and solutions that will further simplify your work, as well as valuable recommendations from TOP leaders:

Actions always lead to success, and active actions - to success, which is encouraged by valuable bonuses for the path traveled! Therefore, set a goal and go for it!

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