EvoScent Academy

The EvoScent Academy is a unique project for those who want to understand the current trends in the world of perfumery and become an expert in this direction.

EvoScent Academy

The Evoscent Academy is designed to create a community of high-level professionals in this field. The peculiarity of the school is that it not only provides theoretical knowledge, but really helps to open a profitable business in the field of beauty and fragrances by receiving a new “Specialist of the perfume business”  profession. All knowledge and practical developments have been collected by the course authors for over 20 years.

Indeed, the right scent contributes to the achievement of goals in any area of life!

What awaits you as part of the training program:

  • Get to know your sense of smell, learn to listen to chords and understand the intricacies of the sound of compositions.
  • Master a new “Perfume business specialist”, “Stylist-perfumer” profession.
  • You will understand the specifics of sales, terminology and open the doors to the perfume community.
  • Learn the fundamentals of aromatherapy: learn to manage your emotional state with scents.
  • Learn the effective skill of quickly building teams and customer networks through the EvoScent perfume brand.

The EvoScent Academy is truly the best format for those who need to understand the specifics of the perfume industry and doing business in this area.

The EvoScent educational course team consists of expert practitioners with experience of 10 to 20 years or more in the field of perfumery. The EvoScent Academy team has brought together unique specialists who will rank the EvoScent fragrance brand among the top ten world leaders.


  • Ramon Bejar — Perfume master, creator of several companies in the perfumery sector, author of the Master dreams collection, international recognition in perfumery and packaging, NEEW promotion enthusiast, co-founder of EvoScent.
  • José Manuel Álvarez Rodríguez — Head of the EvoScent project, representative of the Evorich Top Leaders Council, international speaker, Leader of the company in Spain.
  • Galina Zukova — EvoScent project manager, head of the department for organizing corporate webinars at Evorich, representative of the Local Leadership Council in Spain, certified Master-Profi" coach, "MLCI PRO" training speaker and mentor, coordinator for the Spanish direction at Evorich, international speaker, entrepreneur.
  • Sergi Mateu — Stage speech teacher in Spanish schools, graduated from the High School of Drama in Barcelona, Evorich Partner Program Consultant, CEO and owner of Scentia lux sl in Barcelona (Spain), Public Relations Officer for EvoScent Perfume and Cosmetics Trading SLL (Dubai).
  • Mary Furs - Perfume expert, co-founder of the “EvoScent Academy”, co-owner of the “Stylist-Perfumer” brand, responsible for EvoScent Perfume Literacy, aromapsychologist, aromatherapist, MLM leader.
  • Alexander Dolin – Co-founder of the "EvoScent Academy", co-owner of the "Stylist-Perfumer" brand, perfume expert, member of the MLM Major League, was recognized as the best business coach among the MLM TOP leaders in the Russian-speaking space twice.

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