Evorich Summit 21

How it Was


On 30 March 2021, partners from all over the world celebrated Evorich Summit 21 - the second anniversary of the Cryptounit program - with a bang.

The live broadcast was carried out from several filming sites at the same time: Dubai, Australia, Italy, Spain, USA, India, Colombia. The charming hosts of the event were Anastasia Yaguzhinskaya, the First Ambassador of Evorich in Russia, and Dmitry Titov, the Leader of Evorich in Russia.

The topics presented by the speakers were so varied that absolutely every viewer had avid interest in what was happening, turning into delight from what he heard!

  • Maria Antonenko spoke about "The history and development of the Cryptounit program";
  • Anastasia Yaguzhinskaya shared her knowledge with partners in finding your vocation;
  • Anete Martinsone presented her favorite topic of Planning and Time Management;
  • Alena Pepina revealed to partners the importance of maintaining social networks for promoting themselves and their business.

There were also new Leaders among the speakers, who entered the Evorich ecosystem stage for the first time to share their personal stories and fast-paced results. Some of the stories were so incredible that they touched every viewer to the quick.

There was an atmosphere of unity and the feeling that all Evorich partners were united by common goals, dreams, hopes and thoughts of a bright and prosperous future.

Despite the time difference, the event was attended by more than 15 000 partners from 176 countries, many of whom gathered in their offices as whole teams to support the company and celebrate the important date.

The CEO of the company Andrey Khovratov announced impressive figures over 2 years and singled out the countries with the best results from the stage. And partners from the Pacific region, in turn, solemnly presented him with souvenirs of Manaya and Patu.

The video for the song RIZE also premiered. We thank the partners who took part in the creation of the video!

During the breaks, the audience was entertained with incendiary dances and festive performances. A team of partners from Spain stood out: they translated the Evorich anthem into Spanish and prepared an incendiary video for the anniversary of the program.

A festive atmosphere reigned at the training session, where all the partners present were able to receive not only a sea of high-quality information, but also useful life hacks for business development.

Evorich Summit 21 is invaluable knowledge, unique emotions and the strongest speakers!

Evorich Summit 21 is a cult event for all Evorich ecosystem partners and conscious people.

Together we are building the future, together we are creating the New Economic Evolution of the World.

See you at the next event of our company!

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