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Evorich Smart Card

Are you still recruiting partners using the old methods? How many rendezvous can you do per day? Two, three, five? And how many times a day do you hear the phrase: “No, I'm not interested in this”?

The result is not encouraging. As a result, you lose heart and disappointment sets in, right?

But what if you tried a completely new, automated method of attracting new partners via the Internet, capable of sending your proposal to tens or hundreds (or even thousands) of candidates per day?

The Evorich Smart Card chatbot will help you change recruiting processes, increase your work efficiency by an order of magnitude, increase the flow of candidates and reduce marketing costs.

Evorich Smart Card works 24/7:

  1. Presenting Evorich business opportunities.
  2. Involving your potential partner in a dialogue, working out all objections and offering to register.
  3. Simplifying, cheapening and increasing the effectiveness of your marketing.

If you don't have your own automated assistant yet, you can hire one here (or register first here).

Now you can subscribe immediately for a year and stop worrying about monthly renewal of access to the service and payment.

In addition, only until 19 January 2022, you have the opportunity to subscribe for a year for only 199 UNT! After this date, the price of the annual subscription will be 250 UNT.

Take care of what’s important, leave the routine to Evorich Smart Card

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