Evorich Partners Must Hear This News!

From Andrey Khovratov

Meeting for Evorich ecosystem partners
In a closed format

Andrey Khovratov: All of Our Partners Must Hear This News!

A reporting meeting between members of the CryptoUnit program Closed Club and the Evorich management was held on Wednesday, 16 December 2020.

The meeting was held for Evorich ecosystem partners in a closed format, but the presented information turned out to be so important for each partner that it was decided to publish the recording of Andrey Khovratov's speech in the public domain.

Briefly about the closed webinar:

  • Answers to questions related to the Crypto exchange, blockchain and security tokens;
  • Security token sales start date;
  • The company's goals for 2021;
  • Global Unit Pay payment system;
  • The importance of paying taxes;
  • Change of investment strategy in different directions;
  • Academy of a Private Investor rebranding;
  • About network marketing;
  • Plans for the creation of the "Financial passes" portal;
  • Basalt technologies;
  • Sale of EIPs with CRU;
  • Q&A.

An intense meeting?

Choose the appropriate recording language and enjoy watching!

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