Evorich Ecosystem

How to Always Stay Up to Date

Evorich ecosystem is growing rapidly...

Evorich ecosystem

Dear partners, the Evorich ecosystem is growing rapidly - the number of projects and new partners is increasing every day.

New tabs appear in the unified personal account, it becomes more difficult to keep track of everything.

To make it easier for you to navigate and always keep abreast of all company events and partners, we decided to put everything on the shelves.

How it works:

I. Evorich PA (or sign up first here) (PA = Personal Account) — unites all projects of the Evorich ecosystem. All announcements and news of each project are published here. In the Evorich PA you will find:

In addition, partner program accruals are made to the bonus account of the Evorich Personal Account.

II. API PA — Academy of a Private Investor. Here you can find training programs on financial and investment literacy and get acquainted with the activities and mission of the Academy. In the API PA you will find:

III. UGPay Group PA — UGPay Group AG and the WCRU Global Portfolio. Here you can become a co-owner of the Global Investment Portfolio by purchasing its digital shares (WCRU security tokens). This can be done via ”Piece purchase” and ”Bulk purchase with a discount” (closed item with special conditions, activated when you subscribe to the ELITE-club). This personal account only publishes news related to UGPay Group AG.

IV. CRU PA — training programs for aspiring investors based on the Academy; and a reviewer for your CRU points portfolio. CRU news is published here, as well as important announcements related to the Cryptounit blockchain.

V. Social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, VK, Instagram, Telegram.

And also don't forget to subscribe to Evorich YouTube channels:

and to the channels of our partners:

You can subscribe to mailing lists and personal messages of your personal account in the ”Notifications” section.

! Get inspiration and reliable information only from official Evorich Ecosystem sources.

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