You Will Only Have One Chance - This Golden Weekend!

Time has turned back! The first stage of the EvoScent program has passed, but the bonuses remain! But only this weekend.

When starting any project, participation in the first stage gives the greatest benefits. On April 8, the EvoScent program took the second step out of ten - the conditions continue to be quite attractive, despite the reduction in the number of bonuses. However, only for you, our partners, we are launching an unprecedented offer - we are reopening all the privileges of Stage 1 as part of the “Golden Weekend” Promotion!

From April 16 00:01 (Moscow time) to April 17 23:59 (Moscow time) when paying for any EvoScent Program package, you will receive the same bonuses as in Stage 1. Just take a look!

Today is already Wednesday, don't wait for the promotion to come - do everything in advance to be sure you are ready to receive the maximum privileges. Choose the EvoScent Program package and top up your CRU-EVOSCENT account right now!

And, of course, tell your partners and friends about the promotion. Everyone should feel god about it!

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