A New Window of Opportunity Is Open for the Next 12 Days

You might’ve already lost all hope, but we are opening a new window of opportunity for you once again - the purchase of WorldCryptounit (WCRU) security tokens for Cryptounit (CRU) tokens on preferential terms (1 WCRU = 1 CRU + 1% commission*).

The offer is valid for just 12 days: from 6 April, 15:00 Moscow time to 18 April, 15:00 Moscow time.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to use this rare chance:

  • Purchase CRU: 
  • Transfer CRU to your Cryptounit blockchain wallet.
  • Go to the Buy WCRU section.
  • Select "Available CRU" (or "Frozen CRU" if you have purchased CRU before) and enter the amount you wish to spend on purchasing WCRU.
  • View the resulting transaction fee (commission) in USDU.*The commission will be 1% of the WCRU price as of 07.07.2021 and equal to $0.035 and is calculated using the following formula: (WCRU quantity * $0.035) / 100
  • Purchase the required amount of USDU on the Global Unit Pay platform or on the Unitex.one exchange to pay the fee and send it to your Cryptounit blockchain wallet.
  • Click ”Buy WCRU → CRU”. Done!
  • Now place the received WCRU in staking and get rewarded in UNTB tokens.

P.S. If you manage to increase the share of WCRU in your portfolio before BobCoin tokens are credited, then more gift BobCoins will be credited. Distribution can happen at any time.

Don't miss your chance!

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