Postponement of the Dates of the Anticrisis Meeting in Spain
Postponed to 21 and 22 May

Postponement of the Dates of the Anticrisis Meeting in Spain

Dear partners, we inform you that the big anticrisis meeting on “How to survive in the new economic conditions after 24.02.2022. EvoScent Vision and Development Plans” and training for partners with the status of "Consultant" and above in Barcelona, scheduled for April 9 and 10, are postponed to May 21 and 22, respectively.

What we will discuss:

  • how to create your own business for a happy future: presentation of the EvoScent program and the EVSN utility token;
  • how to survive in the new economic conditions after 24.02.2022;
  • about 5 important steps that will help you make a powerful breakthrough in life;
  • how to form a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, a step-by-step process for changing a fixed mindset;
  • about the prospects and plans for the development of EvoScent;
  • about the strengths of the EvoScent project and the EvoSchool Perfumery Academy, which, in conditions of turbulence and crisis, provide tremendous opportunities to preserve and increase your capital;
  • about the latest news of the project, which can contribute to the successful building of your business.

And now some technical points for those who want to attend the EvoScent Business Forum:

  1. Admission is free, but only customers who have paid for any EvoScent program package worth 600 UNT and above can participate. In addition, they can invite up to 5 newcomers with them for free.
  2. It is necessary to fill out the registration form and ask questions about the EvoScent project (questions related to other projects will not be considered): fill out the form.
  3. Bonus for participants: compensation for travel (flight) and accommodation in EVSN tokens in double the amount of expenses for everyone who bought an EvoScent program package from 600 UNT before this event or within 10 days after it. Only economy class tickets are eligible for reimbursement for the flight, and the cost of living should not exceed 50-100 USD per day. To confirm payment, you must keep all tickets and receipts.
  4. Everyone who plans to participate in the Business Forum must join the Telegram group: join the Business Tour in Spain channel

Address: we will inform you additionally.

Time: 12:00 - 20:00.

Number of participants: 1000 people.

Languages of the forum: Spanish, English, Russian.

Those who have already bought tickets for the previous date and could not exchange them for new ones, must apply for a refund of expenses, attaching proof of purchase of tickets. The compensation includes:

  1. Double the cost of tickets in EVSN tokens, subject to payment of any EvoScent program package from 600 UNT and above.
  2. A discount voucher with a 20% discount on future purchases of any EvoScent physical product. For example, glasses, jewelry, clothes. The discount does not apply to EvoScent packages.
  3. VIP-place at the conference on May 21.

We are waiting for you at our conference. It's time to truly unite and create your own future!

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