Digital Guarantees for Your Well-being
25 March at ‌ 15:00 New York / 19:00 London / 20:00 Rome / 22:00‌ Moscow time

Establishing reliable links with the banking system is a top priority for any entrepreneur and investor. Therefore, digital guarantees are an indispensable tool for new opportunities and financial growth.

Digital Guarantees for Your Well-being

We will take a deep dive into all the advantages of the project and analyze all the relevant information about interaction with the banking system at the closed "New digital evolution" training, which will be held on Friday, 25 March at ‌ 15:00 New York / 19:00 London / 20:00 Rome / 22:00‌ Moscow time.

Event program:

  • New digital evolution. Digital Guarantee just a click away
  • The New Frontier of Digital Finance
  • 100 days promotion - what it means, its advantages and benefits

Speaker of the event:

  • Nicola Pasineti – Head of Digital Seller NDE (New Digital Evolution), certified "Master-Profi" coach and host of "Genius of Finance", speaker and international trainer, uGain promoter, entrepreneur, private investor, member of the International Public Association "Worlds Generals - for Peace".

Please note! The training will be held in English and Spanish only. Links will be emailed to everyone who has paid for a Private License M, A or Digital Seller package.

See you!

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