The Fate of the Profi-Bonus for 2021 Is Being Decided. Have You Voted?
Last date for voting: 22 March at 15:00 London / 16:00 Rome / 18:00 Moscow / 20:30 New Delhi time

A closed reporting webinar on the assets of the Global Investment Portfolio was held on Saturday, March 19, where valuable information was announced and voting to determine the size of the profi-bonus (percentage of profit) for 2021 was launched.

The recording of the meeting and the voting form have already been sent by email to everyone who was able to participate in the webinar:

  • “Consultants” or above under the Evorich Partner Program;
  • those who have a personal volume of purchases from 1000 UNT for any period of time (only payments for products containing CRU bonus points are taken into account);
  • those who have any number of WCRU tokens purchased in their WCRU-UGPAY personal account.

* All categories must sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Access to the recording will be open only until March 22, Moscow midnight.

The last date for voting is 22 March at 15:00 London / 16:00 Rome / 18:00 Moscow / 20:30 New Delhi time. After this time, applications will no longer be accepted, so hurry up to cast your vote right now. You can fill out the form only once, but you will have the opportunity to change your answer before the end of the voting.

Recall the conditions:

  • Only holders of WCRU security tokens can vote.
  • At least 70% of the total number of project participants must leave their vote in order for the vote to be considered valid.

Due to the uncertain situation in the world, the need for an early implementation of the New Economic Evolution of the World is becoming more and more acute and obvious. Take an active part in our global project. We are on the right track!

Thank you for being with us!

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