Are You Sure You Know About the Possibilities of the New NEEW Ecosystem Project?

The Possibilities of the New NEEW Ecosystem Project

Creating new and useful enterprises for society and combining them into one ecosystem is the main task of NEEW (New Economic Evolution of the World).

Members of our community are themselves not only customers and consumers of products and services of these enterprises, but also have a number of other impressive privileges.

Here is a small part of them:

  • individual discounts on products and services;
  • opportunity to get into the community of progressive-minded people and change their thinking and environment;
  • become a new type of entrepreneur and build a career in the growing MLCI business, promoting ecosystem projects and receiving high rewards doing so;
  • become an employee or even the head of one of the projects and personally participate in the development of ecosystem companies;
  • become a co-owner of these companies and receive passive income from their profits.


The new promising EvoScent project was officially launched on February 24.

EvoScent is a young project created in collaboration with renowned Spanish perfumer Ramon Bejar. The main product and pride of the company is the magical "The Highest" collection of fragrances. And we are already doing everything to establish our own production of exclusive perfumes, light up a new industry superstar and create a unicorn company.

Do you feel the scale of this project?

And the most important thing is that you can take part in it!

Attention! The first phase of the program is now underway. The second, less profitable phase, will begin in two weeks, on April 1. Hurry up to learn all the advantages of the project yourself (believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised) and give this opportunity to your loved ones: learn more about the EvoScent Program

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Join Evorich Ecosystem