Evorich Anti-Crisis Business Forum in Barcelona
9-10 April

Get ready to change your life in just 2 days!

Evorich Anti-Crisis Business Forum in Barcelona

  • Level up in a circle of entrepreneurs and opinion leaders from all over the world!
  • Produce the biggest growth in business and personal development!
  • Expand your network of international contacts, partners, clients and just friends!

On April 9, Barcelona (Spain) will host a large-scale Business Forum, which will complete the series of conferences and presentations of the EvoScent program in the cities of Spain.

Forum for those who:

  • want to make 2022 the foundational year in creating a new promising future;
  • want to create constantly growing sources of income, despite the crisis and economic difficulties;
  • want to know what the EvoScent program is and why it will help you stay afloat in these turbulent times;
  • want to understand how to use EvoScent to create a highly profitable source of income and create the capital that you dream of.

Fill your surroundings with successful people, and the process of renewing your life will happen very quickly!

Evorich Anti-Crisis Business Forum in Barcelona

What shall we will about:

  • how to create your own business for a happy future: presentation of the EvoScent program and the EVSN utility token;
  • how to survive in the new economic conditions after 24.02.2022;
  • about 5 important steps that will help you make a powerful breakthrough in life;
  • how to form a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, a step-by-step process for changing a fixed mindset;
  • about the prospects and plans for the development of EvoScent;
  • about the strengths of the EvoScent project and the EvoSchool Perfumery Academy, which, in conditions of turbulence and crisis, provide tremendous opportunities to preserve and increase your capital;
  • about the latest news of the project, which can contribute to the successful building of your business.


  • Andrey Khovratov – founder and CEO of the Academy of a Private Investor, author of the concept of the New Economic Evolution of the World, multidisciplinary professional investor, consultant on preserving, increasing and managing private capital, the best trainer and business coach in financial and personal development in 2018 according to Melon Rich and Finance Times magazines.
  • Ramon Bejar — Perfume master, creator of several companies in the perfume sector, author of the "Master dreams" collection, internationally recognized in perfumery and packaging, enthusiast in the promotion of NEEW, co-founder of EvoScent.
  • José Manuel Álvarez Rodríguez – Representative of the Evorich Top Leaders Council, EvoScent project manager, international speaker, Company Leader in Spain, certified coach of the “Master-Profi” transformational program, speaker and mentor of the MLCI Pro training, crypto enthusiast.
  • Galina Zukova – Head of Evorich corporate webinars department, representative of the Local Leaders Council in Spain, certified "Master-Profi" coach, coordinator for the Spanish direction Evorich, international speaker, entrepreneur.
  • Mary Furs – perfume expert, founder of the “Perfumery Academy”, co-owner of the “Stylist-Perfumer” brand, responsible for EvoScent perfume literacy, aromapsychologist, aromatherapist, MLM leader.
  • Manuel F Sanchez – Representative of the Evorich ecosystem Top Leaders Council, Entrepreneur since 1975, nonconformist, graduate of the “Master-Profi” trainings in Barcelona and Goa, international speaker, adherent of the NEEW philosophy, Crypto-Defi enthusiast, qualified investor.
  • Sergi Mateu – Stage speech teacher in schools in Spain, graduated from the High School of Drama in Barcelona, Evorich Partner Program Consultant, CEO and owner of Scentia lux sl in Barcelona (Spain), responsible for public relations of EvoScent Perfume and Cosmetics Trading SLL (Dubai).

And now some technical points for those who want to attend the EvoScent Business Forum:

  1. Admission is free, but only customers who have paid for any EvoScent program package worth 600 UNT and above can participate. In addition, they can invite up to 5 newcomers with them for free.
  2. It is necessary to fill out the registration form and ask questions about the EvoScent project (questions related to other projects will not be considered): fill out the form.
  3. Bonus for participants: compensation for travel (flight) and accommodation in EVSN tokens in double the amount of expenses for everyone who bought an EvoScent program package from 600 UNT before this event or within 10 days after it.

Only economy class tickets are eligible for reimbursement for the flight, and the cost of living should not exceed 50-100 USD per day. To confirm payment, you must keep all tickets and receipts.

  1. Everyone who plans to participate in the Business Forum must join the Telegram group: join the Business Tour in Spain channel
  2. On April 10, a training will be held for partners with the status of "Consultant" and above (under the new Evorich bonus plan). There will be a very rich program, consisting of unique knowledge acquired over many years of experience and not available in open sources!
  3. The tour will include regional conferences in Seville and Ibiza. We will inform you about dates and other nuances later.
Evorich Business Forum in Barcelona

Address: we will inform you additionally.

Time: 12:00 - 20:00.

Number of participants: 1000 people.

Languages of the forum: Spanish, English, Russian.

Time to unite and create your future!

Join our new project. We put all our love for you and a huge boost of energy into it. Join us and we will help you to really increase your income during this difficult time.

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