How to Access Training
[For EvoScent Program Customers]

As you probably know, EvoScent Program packages, in addition to the main product - presentation sets and 75 ml perfume bottles - also include bonuses in the form of EVSN tokens and several training courses and programs at once.

How to Access Training [for EvoScent Program Customers]

Below we will tell you what to do after the purchase, how to get your bonuses and not get confused.

First of all, regardless of the chosen package, you need to check your mailbox. And for customers who have purchased packages No. 3 - No. 10, which include educational programs as a gift, as an alternative to mail, you can also check the "Messages" section of the Evorich and API personal account, which is where you will find messages about the start of group training or links to recordings of the training programs.

You should also add and to your address book so that emails do not accidentally end up in the Spam folder.

Below we will share some of the nuances and up-to-date data on gaining access to training programs after paying for the packages:

  1. ”Million-dollar partner: start in the MLCI business” (Packages 3-10) - access to the course opens immediately after payment, follow the link in the letter and start studying the course at any time.
  2. “EvoScent Perfumery Academy: Basic course” (Packages 3-10) - stream 2 started on March 1, but if you paid for the package before March 1 at 19:30 Moscow time, you still have time for the second lesson, which will take place on March 15 at 19:30 Moscow time. Login links will be sent to your email a few days before class starts.
  3. ”Profi-investor 3 category” (videocourse) (Packages 4-5) and ”Profi-investor 2 category” (videocourse) (Packages 6-10) - after activating your access to the programs in the new API personal account, an email with a link to the training will be sent to your email and in the "Messages" section of the old API personal account.
  4. ”MLCI Pro” (Packages 6-10) - a link to the training materials will be sent within 1-3 business days to your email.

Stay tuned for our emails and newsletters. We have either already sent an invitation to study, or will soon send it to all EvoScent Program participants.

And for those who are not yet familiar with the new NEEW ecosystem project, it's time to do so, because packages of the first and most profitable stage can end at any time.

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