Report on Tour and Launch of the EvoScent Program in India

Report on Tour and Launch of the EvoScent Program in India

On February 23, the head of Evorich companies and the Academy of a Private Investor Andrey Khovratov and the head of the EvoScent project José Manuel Álvarez Rodríguez personally arrived in Imphal, Manipur state to kick off in a solemn atmosphere and tell numerous Indian partners about the new EvoScent Program, its benefits and opportunities.

Immediately after Andrey and José arrived at the airport, they visited the office of the Academy of a Private Investor, as well as the representative office of the “Worlds Generals - for Peace” Association in India, which is located in the same building. The project managers were impressed by what they saw and were very pleased with the high efficiency of the offices.

And the very next day, on February 24, the EvoScent Launching Event was held at the City Convention Center to launch the EvoScent Program. The conference was attended by over 1000 people. This conference has become a historic event for Evorich, all Indian (and not only) partners.

On February 25 at the Classic Grande Hotel, the most successful and active leaders of northeast India received a great training on promoting the EvoScent Program and building numerous teams in the MLCI business. After the training, in good spirits, the guests visited Loktak, the largest lake in northeastern India.

Report on Tour and Launch of the EvoScent Program in India

As a result of all the events, goals were set to open representative offices of the company in every state of India, and in each of the main offices - also offices of the "Worlds Generals - for Peace" association.

We continue our educational tour with EvoScent in this incredible country and invite all partners to join the EvoScent Educational Program conference in New Delhi on March 2nd.

Speakers of the conference:

Date and time: Wednesday, 2 March, 10:00 – 17:30

Address: Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport, Mahipalpur, New Delhi


Registration will begin half an hour before the start of the event: March 2 at 09:30 (NCT).

You are invited!

Our EvoScent Program doors and opportunities are open to everyone!

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