How to Become a Successful Investor
With the Academy of a Private Investor?

An investor is a person who invests money
in assets in order to make a profit in the future

How to Become a Successful Investor With the Academy of a Private Investor?

However, investing is always risky, and you must adhere to the following rules in order to organize passive income through investments and become a successful investor.

  1. Set financial goals. You must know what you are striving for, the goals must motivate you.
  2. Have a financial plan. Financial goals are not realized by themselves, a well-thought-out route is needed.
  3. Understand the tools. Without understanding why, when and where to invest, you are likely to lose your capital.
  4. Don't be limited to one asset. A balanced investment portfolio is needed to protect capital and minimize risks.
  5. Make your own decisions. The responsibility for the safety of your finances and for the results obtained lies solely with you.
  6. Don't invest your last savings. Follow the “Pay yourself first” rule and only invest available money.
  7. Control your emotions. They have no place in the financial markets, always think over and calculate all actions in advance.
  8. Always keep learning. For example, take a look at our best "Profi-investor" and "Invest-consultant + Profi-investor" programs available from today.

Using these tips, you will definitely arrive at the desired result. And to make your journey faster and easier, we will return to point 8 and our flagship programs.

New "Profi-investor 3, 2 and 1 categories" and "Invest-consultant + Profi-investor" products in the format of a video course are:

  • knowledge of professional investors at a significant discount;
  • the possibility of self-study from video recordings at any time and in any place;
  • independent preparation for testing;
  • certificate in case of successful passing of the test;
  • 1 mentoring session;
  • access to all materials of the program for 1 year from the date of payment.

In addition, there are promotional prices with discounts up to 50% at the start of sales!

It will soon be possible to pay for programs on the Evorich ecosystem official website of the Academy of a Private Investor.

To pay with bonuses, go to the Academy of a Private Investor personal account:

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Sign up for the "Invest-consultant + Profi-investor (video course)” program

A systematic increase in the cost of programs is planned for the 1st day of each month. Hurry up to gain access before the rise in price and become an investor as early as possible, because your financial success depends on it.

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