CRU Stakers!! Last Chance to Buy WCRU Security Tokens on Preferential Terms 

CRU Stakers ! Attention !

As we reported earlier, from 12 February to 21 February at Moscow midnight, a rare window of great opportunities is open - temporary access to the purchase of WCRU security tokens for CRU utility tokens at the nominal price: 1 WCRU = 1 CRU + 1% commission.

If you have staked CRU tokens for UNTB, but plan to take advantage of the opportunity and spend your CRU on a preferential purchase of WCRU tokens, February 18 is the last day to withdraw CRU from staking (unlocked within 72 hours).

If you request the withdrawal of CRU from staking after Moscow midnight time on February 18, then you will not have time to take advantage of such a profitable offer to buy WCRU.

To unlock CRU from staking you need to:

  1. Log in to the Cryptounit blockchain wallet and go to the "CRU for UNTB" staking page
  2. In the “Unstake CRU” field, indicate the desired amount of CRU and click on the appropriate button
  3. After 72 hours (3 days), click the “Update frozen” and “Update balances” buttons in the “Portfolio” section
  4. Go to the "Buy WCRU" section, specify the number of CRU and make a purchase by paying the indicated commission in USDU.

Act with urgency and share this news with your partners, as the next similar opportunity will occur only once in April 2024.

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