How to Get WCRU 67 Times Cheaper...
...Than the Current STO Price?

WorldCRU (WCRU) is a security token, a digital analogue of securities that allows you to become a co-owner of the Global Investment Portfolio with a capitalization of more than 11.6 billion USD and entitles holders to a share of profits and other investment opportunities.

How to Get WCRU 67 Times Cheaper

The program for the development of the Global Investment Portfolio and the initial offer of WCRU security tokens consists of 2 phases, each, in turn, divided into stages. The transition to each of the stages is accompanied by an increase in the price of the token.

Transition to the first stage of the II phase of development will take place on 22.02.2022, and the price of WCRU will be 2 UNT, instead of 1.5 UNT at the current stage.

Tell me, would you like to become the owner of such a promising asset at a price 67 times cheaper than the current STO price?

Right now, before the start of Phase II, you have a unique opportunity to become the owner of WCRU security tokens on unprecedented conditions, which will be repeated only once, in April 2024.

From February 12 to February 21 at Moscow Midnight, a rare window of great opportunities is open - temporary access to the purchase of WCRU security tokens for CRU utility tokens at the nominal price: 1 WCRU = 1 CRU + commission.

How to buy WCRU so fabulously cheap?

Follow instructions (or register first here)

  1. Purchase CRU on the Global Unit Pay platform (you need to buy USDU for fiat currency, and then exchange it for CRU); on the or exchanges (after the transition, you need to open the menu in the upper left part of the page and go to the LocalTrade CEX section and go through a simple registration).
  2. Transfer CRU to your Cryptounit blockchain wallet.
  3. Go to the ”Convert WCRU” section.
  4. Select "Available CRU" (or "Frozen CRU" if you have purchased CRU before) and enter the amount you wish to spend on purchasing WCRU.
  5. View the resulting transaction fee (commission) in USDU. The commission will be 1% of the WCRU price on 07.07.2021 and equal to $0.035 and is calculated using the following formula: (WCRU quantity * $0.035) / 100
  6. Purchase the required amount of USDU on the Global Unit Pay platform or on the exchange to pay the commission and send it to your Cryptounit blockchain wallet.
  7. Click "Convert CRU → WCRU". Done!
  8. Now stake the received WCRU and get rewarded in UNTB tokens.

We wish you successful investment!

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