Voting for Cryptounit Blockchain Block Producers
User Manual
Last voting day is 5 February 2022

Voting for Cryptounit Blockchain Block Producers - User Manual

Block producers are entrepreneurs, companies or investors who, in accordance with the DPOS algorithm implemented in the Cryptounit blockchain, maintain the infrastructure, verify transactions and receive newly generated UNTB tokens as a reward for their invaluable contribution to the network.

To become a Cryptounit Block Producer, you must not only have the technical skills to set up nodes, but also participate in the life of the company and continually contribute to the overall ecosystem. This is a large amount of complex work and high responsibility that requires the support of a large team.

To become a block producer, the following conditions must be met by January 31, 2022:

  1. Freeze 1 000 000 CRU for the duration of the vote. This puts your account on the list of candidates.
  2. Vote for your account with the amount of CRU tokens equivalent to $10 000 
    collect the number of votes for a total of 10 000 000 CRU from 1 000 or more participants.

How do I vote for a producer?

  1. From your wallet go to the “Producer” section in the Cryptounit blockchain web browser.
  2. Select the candidate you like and click "Vote".
    Each candidate will leave some information about themselves - a link to a website, describe their advantages and competence, and based on the information received, users will be able to make a decision and vote for a worthy candidate.
  3. Enter the amount to vote and confirm the transaction with your PIN.

To be able to vote, you must have free unlocked CRU tokens on your balance.

Please note that voted CRU will be locked for 7 days and you will not be able to transfer, withdraw or exchange such CRU.

If necessary, after 7 days, you can re-vote for another candidate. To do this, click on the "Return" button and follow point 2 of the instructions again.

The last voting day is February 5, 2022.

At the end of voting (after February 10, 2022), CRU tokens are returned to both the candidate and the voter.

If you believe in the project and want to bring the Cryptounit network closer to full power, make sure to vote.


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