Training From the "Perfumery Academy" Has Become Even More Accessible
Training starts on 22 February 2022

Training From the

We remind you that the “EvoScent Perfumery Academy” continues enrollment for the second stream of the course for everyone who wants to immerse themselves in the world of fragrances and become a specialist in the perfume business. Training starts on 22 February 2022.

And until this day, there are excellent discounts on all courses of the "Perfumery Academy".

If you have long dreamed of plunging into the world of beauty, learning the world of enchanting fragrances, how to understand the ingredients and the basics of selling perfumes from world-famous masters, then choose your course rate and book a place for it until 22 February at a favorable price.

But first of all, read on - we have prepared something for you:

1. Now “Perfumery Academy” products are also available in installments! This means that you can start studying at any time, even if you do not currently have the full amount on hand to pay for the course. You can pay for the product in installments over several months without overpayments.

Installment conditions:

  • "Advanced" or "Professional" installment courses available
  • Issued for 3 and 5 months respectively
  • The installment plan is interest-free, but with a minimum mark-up for using the installment plan. Therefore, it is still more profitable to pay the full tuition at once.

2. In addition, for those who have already started their studies at the “Perfumery Academy” and want to continue to improve their professional skills, advanced training products are available, allowing you to only pay the difference in the cost of the courses.

We hope this will help you dispel the last doubts and make the right choice:

Choose a course with a discount and improve your professional skills

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